2013 The 9th Annual Kansas City International Dragon Boat Festival


The Curtain of the Ninth Kansas City International Dragon Boat Festival has fallen on June 8, 2013 at the Country Club Plaza. The festival was sponsored and organized by the Society for Friendship with China and the Kansas City – Xi’an Sister City committee. This year’s dragon boat festival was enriched not only by the racing but also by the puppet show on stage given by the puppeteers from the city of Xi An, China. Thousands of people came to the Brush Creek by the Country Club Plaza watching the boat racing and enjoying the good weather as well as the Mayor of Kansas City, Sylvester (Sly) James, City councilmen, Scott Wagner, and John Sharp, Yong Wang, the Deputy Counsel General from Chinese Consulate in Chicago, and the Chinese delegation from Xi An, China.

The festival started with the Girls and Boy Scout’s dragon parade, followed by the opening ceremony at 10 am at the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO. The Mayor, Sly James was the first to greet the audience and the Chinese puppeteer delegation from Xi’an and thanked them for traveling across the world to participate in the Festival. Carol Wei, the Vice president of Kansas City-Xi’an Sister City Committee presented a gift to the Mayor. Yong Wang, Deputy Council General from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago addressed the audience. He praised Kansas City for supporting the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival with long history in China. He also praised the sponsor and organizer for promoting Chinese culture in America and for helping the culture exchanges between China and America. Juli Yang, the head of the Chinese delegation expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the Festival. Scott Wagner and John Sharp, City Councilmen also vowed their support to the Dragon Boat Festival.


Live Interviews by FOX 4

Photo by Dan Gilbert

The news station, FOX 4, interviewed representatives of Xi’an sister City Committee, live by the Brush Creek on June 7, 2013. Paul Lillig, Tom Hanley, Mary Edith Lillis, and Heidi Downer received interviews and talked about the Dragon Boat Festival in general and the Kansas City’s event in specific before the festival began in the morning. They told TV audience what was going one, when the event would begin, and why they should come out. They also showed TV audience the racing boats to promote this year’s Kansas City International Dragon Boat Festival.

2014 Kansas City International Dragon Boat Festival

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