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Teaching Program in Shaanxi Province

English language is a major course in Chinese schools. For a long time, English has been taught as knowledge, not as a communication tool. More attention is now paid to listening and speaking, but it is difficult to create an English culture environment. To meet the developing situation American teachers are needed in more and more Chinese schools authorized to employ foreign teachers.

Some schools in Xi’an (Baoji, Ankang and Yan’an areas) have contacted us for teachers. Since most of the secondary schools are not authorized to employ foreign teachers, we design most of our teaching programs as short-term positions.
  • Short-term teaching is a volunteer service. Teachers and college students are welcome to participate. They come to China with a tourist visa and voluntarily teach conversational English to elementary and middle school kids for three weeks. Free accommodations, daily meals, city transportation and weekend tours are provided for volunteer teachers. Volunteer teachers must apply between November and April. Short-term teaching programs are arranged between May 20 and August 10 every year.
Short-term American volunteer teachers are welcome at any time during the following time frames:
  • March 1 - June 30
  • July 10 - August 10
  • September 1 - November 30
For short-term volunteer teaching, it is better for American volunteers to teach for two weeks rather than a one-week program. The single week is discouraged due to the difficulties in arranging teaching schedules. Groups of two or more students in schools are best for conversational learning.

For those well-qualified and wanting a longer experience
  • Long-term teaching is a paid teaching position. The teachers are expected to teach for a school year or a semester (four months). They are paid a monthly salary of 3,500 to 5,000 Yuan RMB plus free apartment and meals. Year-long teachers also will receive an 1,100 Yuan RMB travel allowance. Round trip international air tickets are reimbursed for year-long teachers and one way ticket is reimbursed for semester teachers. Applicants are required to provide scanned copies of their certificates of higher education, degrees, and teaching English as a second language as well as record of physical examination. Long-term teachers need to apply for a work visa with the official papers provided by the host school. School year begins on September 1 and concludes on July 10. Spring semester begins around February 15 based on the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays. Teachers must apply 8 months before teaching begins.
- Arrival and departure. Both long and short-term teachers will be welcomed and picked up by the host school representatives at the airport terminal exit upon arrival and given a drop-off by the host school to the airport at departure.

- This teaching program is sponsored by
  • The Sino-American Society
  • The Edgar & Helen Snow Studies Center located in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province
  • The Society for Friendship with China, Inc. and Kansas City-Xi’an Sister City Committee in Kansas City, Missouri
The goal is to promote understanding and friendship between our two great nations.

For more information, to send an e-mail to our Education Committee.

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